•   A note from Mrs. Cannata Assistant Principal

    Dear Bobcat Families,
    November is here! Our students are really in the grind of their classroom routines and
    procedures. We are in the second quarter of school (which is incredibly hard to believe)
    and our teachers and students are working effortlessly to teach and learn! It continues to
    be so refreshing to see so many family members taking part in their student’s academics
    and learning. We have parents on our campus daily helping teachers in their classrooms
    and helping students extend their learning. As the busy, holiday season approaches us,
    and we continue to move forward, please let me encourage everyone to keep striving
    and pushing your student(s) towards excellence. Brooker Creek is what it is because of
    the constant support, involvement, and encouragement of our staff, parents, and
    students. When the holiday breaks come, remember to pick up a book and read with or
    to your child. Reading to your child is important, even through middle and high school!
    As we leave October and plunge into November, consider challenging your student to
    read something new or something that can help facilitate family discussions.
    Remember to ask your child daily what he/she has learned in class. Ask what the most
    challenging part of the day was or what they feel like they were strongest in throughout
    their learning. Talking and reading with your child provides many opportunities to talk
    about important issues, build close relationships, and create family memories.
    In the season of Thanksgiving, thank YOU for all you do to continue to make Brooker
    Creek all that we are today. Have a safe, happy, and thankful month.
    Full of Thanks,
    Abby Cannata, Assistant Principal