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Brooker Creek Elementary

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  A note from Mrs. Cannata Assistant Principal


As most of you know, we have now entered into a busy time of the year. Testing season is upon us and our Bobcats are working hard to show what they know. Below is a key to help you with educational acronyms associated with testing:

  • FSA: Florida Standards Assessment
  • ELA: English/Language Arts
  • PBT: Paper Based Test
  • CBT: Computer Based Test
  • SAT 10: Stanford Achievement Test, 10th edition


Please make note of the following testing dates:

March 21st – 27th : 1st – 2nd grades SAT 10 (PBT) – Closed campus until 11:30

March 29th – 30th : 3rd grade ELA FSA (PBT) – Closed campus until 11:30

April 10th – 11th : 5th grade ELA FSA (CBT) – Closed campus ALL day

April 25th – 26th : 5th grade Math FSA (CBT) – Closed campus ALL day

April 27th – 28th : 3rd grade FSA Math (CBT) – Closed campus ALL day

May 1st – 2nd : 5th grade Science (PBT) – Closed campus until 11:30

May 3rd – 4th : 4th grade FSA ELA (CBT) – Closed campus ALL day

May 9th – 10th : 4th grade FSA Math (CBT) – Closed campus ALL day


Please note how important it is to have your student at school, on-time, for testing days. Please read the SAT 10 or FSA parent letter that was sent home from your child’s teacher. It is important that you review all testing policies noted in the letter with your child.

Our school will be closed to volunteers and visitors on closed campus dates – this means no parents or volunteers on campus during the closed campus times indicated above.

You can help prepare your child for testing by ensuring they get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, have a calm morning, and arrive on time to school. Avoid scheduling appointments for your child during the school day on testing days.

We know our Brooker Creek Bobcats will shine, as always! Thank you for continually helping us strive for excellence!


Abby Cannata

Asst. Principal