• Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

    Personal electronics devices such as cell phones, iPads, ear buds, headphones, etc. are not allowed.  Students must keep these devices in their backpack, or they will be taken by staff and turned into the principal's secretary for parent pick up. Per the state law Chapter No. 2023-36…s. 1006.07, F.S.; requiring that school districts’ codes of student conduct prohibit student use of wireless communications devices during instructional time.


    Our focus at Safety Harbor Middle is to promote a learning environment whose focus is on educating our students from the time they enter school until they leave.  The expectation this school year will be that once students report to class their cell phones will be off and in their backpack.  Phones are not to be visible during the school day on campus and will not be used for any reason from the hours of 9:40-4:10. 


    We understand that there are times during the day that you may need to contact your child, or your child may need to contact you; for this situation, please utilize our front office and/or grade level offices at 727-724-1400. We will be happy to relay any messages to your child.



    6th Grade clerk:             To Be Determined              ext: 2036

    7th Grade clerk:             Sheila Johnson                  ext: 2037

    8th Grade Clerk:             Melanie Keas                    ext: 2038



    If there are incidents of noncompliance, we will implement the consequences as detailed on our Discipline Plan. They are as follows:


    If a cell phone is seen on a student on campus, it will be collected by the staff member and turned into the main office. A parent or legal guardian will be required to pick up the phone from 9:00- 4:30.