Join the Flock! Become a Safety Harbor Volunteer Seahawk!


    To Become a Registered Volunteer for Pinellas County Schools:  

    Using Google Chrome browser,  log on to www.pcsb.org/volunteer, click on New Volunteer Registration 

    Choose Safety Harbor Middle School. Upload your legal ID such as your driver’s license.

    When you have received your Volunteer Username and Password, contact Alison Albee for our Volunteer Opportunities at albeea@pcsb.org.

    Allow 2 weeks to become a registered PCS Volunteer.

    To become Level 2, click here:  Level 2 Procedures.


    To Activate your Volunteer Registration

    Every year, every registered volunteer must activate their registration for the new school year. 

    Simply sign-on to the PCS Volunteer System at www.pcsb.org/volunteer, click yellow box “Log your volunteer hours and answer the confidentiality questions. 

    Activating your Volunteer Registration must be completed every new school year, preferably in August.


    To Log your Volunteer Hours: Use the Google Chrome browser and go towww.pcsb.org/volunteer; click yellow box “Log your volunteer hours.

    Logging Volunteer hours can be done at home or at the school before volunteering.

    Our volunteer hours are very important to our school and county for showing how much our families and community do for the success of our students!


    How to determine your VOLUNTEER portal user name and password:

    (this is different from the parent portal and student portal usernames and passwords):
    Hints:    Case Sensitive; Use Google Chrome. Other browsers may not work correctly.  

    Don’t use cell phone for Activation- use a pc only. If this is not working for your name, please contact albeea@pcsb.org for assistance.

                 For v.username: all lowercase: v.lastnamefirstinitial                          (example for tom smith….. v.smitht).
                For v.password: (capitalize first letter only)      LastnameXXXX            (where XXXX is yearofbirth  example: Smith1959 )

    If you need assistance in determining your volunteer username and password, contact albeea@pcsb.org.  


    Log your Volunteer Hours every time you volunteer to help us become a State of Florida 5 STAR school!

    Parent Volunteers make our school great. Inquire about volunteering opportunities by visiting our front office or by contacting Alison Albee, SHMS Family& Community Liaison.


    Thank you for “Joining the Flock, as a SHMS Volunteer Seahawk!”