Administrative Office Specialist Testominal - Clearwater Campus


    In December 2016 I became a displaced worker after my job of 21 years was sent overseas. I knew my previous experience as an administrative professional would not be enough in this competitive job market that we all now face. I decided to acquire some current industry certifications and that is what lead me to Pinellas Technical College and to enroll in the Administrative Office Specialist program.

    My instructor, Angela Wright-Nash, was a welcome force that guided me and showed empathy for my plight as an older student (54 years). Ms. Nash provided all the encouragement I needed to be successful in her program. What I appreciated most was her sense of humor and how she truly cared about her students.

    Ms. Nash always encourages involvement from her students so she introduced me to PBL (Phi Beta Lambda) student business organization. My grades allowed me to become a member of NTHS (National Technical Honor Society). I was asked to speak at multiple school functions encouraging others to join our institution and to participate in other activities our school offered. I enjoyed all of this extracurricular activity.

    One month before graduation I landed a dream job at an established global company with an affiliate in Pinellas County. I am a senior level administrative professional and my job is challenging, exciting and will allow me to continue to grow and learn.

    My time at PTC was productive and very fulfilling. I encourage you to investigate our programs and find your successful future as well! 

    Michelle Priddy