• My experience with Web Development program at PTC was a very positive one. Coming into the program with no programming background I wasn’t sure what to expect. Miss Calderon made it easy to learn. But she did expect you to apply yourself and to be in class ready to learn. She made sure you understood your schedule and that you were responsible to complete all your assignments on time. If you did have any questions or problems with your assignments, she took the time to answer your questions or to help you understand how to work though the problem.

    All the various programs we used were current and up to date in the computer lab. Each student had their own computer to use for the day and we didn’t have to wait for one to become available before we could work on our assignments. Learning the programs was vital for a good website design. For example, Photoshop and Illustrator teaches you how to take an image or a graphic and convert it to be inserted on a webpage. Learning to make these images have a smaller file is one of the keys to a good web site. This allows your site or pages to load faster and keep your visitors there, on your site. Learning good website design so that the sites are usable on a Smart Phone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop computer.

    Learning the different codes themselves was a fun and interesting process for me. Not just one code but multiple codes. HTML, CSS for content and design of the pages. Javascript and PHP for making your site interactive and interesting for the visitors. Putting them together to make a functioning and secure website was and is a learning experience. I believe the program gives you the teachers, the tools and the time you need to become a good website designer and developer. It is not a one and done type of instructional course though but a lifelong learning field that changes and grows as better ways to enhance the websites become available and developed.

    My time in the Web Development course is something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life and hopefully allow me to put into practice. Miss Calderon and Mr. Oliveria were there beside me teaching and guiding me on some tough and trying situations that came up on my own assignments. I believe that the Web Development program at PTC offers the students what they need to become good website developers but it is up to the students themselves to take hold of these tools and apply them to their lives.

    I am Mark Buday, a graduate of Pinellas Technical College Web Development program.