Dental Assisting Testimonial

  • As a dentist who has seen many dental assistants coming from various schools in the area, there is by far, one school that graduates the best, most hirable graduates, and that is PTC. When I hire a PTC graduate, I know they will have the skills needed to jump into my office.

    While all the other schools teach a lot of book knowledge, they give virtually no hands-on experience. This means the graduates from the other schools will have no ability to do even the most basic skills required as a chair side assistant, which makes them almost useless to us dentists. And therefore, the thousands of dollars you spend at other schools is such a waste of your money.

    Not only do I prefer to hire graduates from PTC, but I pay them more since they are more competent. And that is a big return on your educational investment!

    So, seriously, if you are considering entering dental assisting, get the education that dentists prefer, and don’t waste your money at these other schools who are only interested in your money. Go to PTC!

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