Pharmacy Technician Testimonial

  • There are many students who haven’t truly considered what career they will choose after high school or what their educational path will be. Roland Rogers was one of those students. After high school, Roland didn’t have a specified career of choice or major in mind and feared being defaulted to general education without a major. So, he chose to major in what “sounded best at the time”, computer science. After two semesters in college, Roland realized that computer science was not for him. He considered his talents, his interests, and his life circumstances, and discovered that pharmacy fit his career aspirations.

    Roland described this as a “game-changer” in life. He then had the arduous task of finding a way to make his new found career goal a reality. He needed to go to school for much longer than he originally planned and to find the financial means to make that happen. In order to pursue a career in pharmacy, he decided to attend PTC for certification as a pharmacy technician. The money that he received working as a pharmacy technician has helped fund his way through his education.

    Roland, after receiving his pharmacy technician certification, is now working as a technician in the Tampa Bay area. He is attending college at HCC to continue the education he began at PTC and become a qualified pharmacist. He has found his path to success.

    “I’m working full-time and going to school a few nights a week so sometimes it feels hard to do, but I’m sure that I’ve got it right this time!”

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