• Cultural Arts and Gifted Studies 2018-2019


    1. What are the school hours for next year?

    Our hours for students for 2018-2019 are 8:45am-3:25pm.


    2. Will there be transportation?

    Buses are available for students who live in the Middle South Zone. If your middle school zone is: Azalea, Bay Point, John Hopkins, Meadowlawn, or Tyrone then busses will be available.


    3. Are all of your teachers Gifted Endorsed?

    All teachers in the Magnet, both pure Cultural Arts and in Gifted Studies, will be endorsed or will be working on process of endorsement. Teachers have two years to complete endorsement.


    4. What is the difference between the Cultural Arts Magnet and the Gifted Magnet?

    The Cultural Arts Magnet will utilize the culture at our backdoor in downtown St. Petersburg to open up the world to our students. This will involve field trips, educational partnerships with museums, extra art & music time and weekly enrichment clusters. Every student at Midtown Academy experiences the Culture Arts side of the Magnet.

    Our Gifted Students all hold a Educational Plan prior to entering the program and are grouped together in homogenous classes. Gifted studnets academics will be at their intellectual level and will have gifted strategies integrated into their content. Additional time will also be spent on specific critical and creative thinking strategies, social emotional needs, and working on the gifted goals.