Varsity Sports

  • Requirements for Participating in Varsity Sports


    All paperwork must be turned in prior to the day of tryouts. Turn paperwork into the main office.  Mr. Blanco- Athletic coordinator will review and clear for tryouts. 


    Current physical- A physical is current for 365 days from the date it was given. New physicals must be done with a new date listed and current information. Old forms may not just resigned or updated by the physician. 


    Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 must be met prior to trying out for any sport.  Average middle school GPA is cumulative and includes all courses from every year.


    Mandatory School Insurance must be purchased online.

    Pinellas County School website: www.  Insurance website School insurance is required to participate even if the student is covered by other insurance. Proof of insurance must be presented prior to trying out for any sport. A copy of the confirmation of purchase is highly recommended to be kept following a purchase and will be accepted as proof of coverage. A list is sent and updated frequently to the schools, but a confirmation copy is an immediate approval for tryouts.


    Participation Form will be sent home after the GPA, physical and insurance are verified.


    Sports Schedule

    Volleyball and Cheerleading- Season runs from August through October. First volleyball game is 9/11 against Lealman here at Meadowlawn. Boys will play first.


    Ms. Guyotte- Girls’ Volleyball   

    Ms. Little- Boys’ Volleyball

    Ms. Jefferson- Cheerleading


    Basketball season usually runs November through January.


    Mr. Girandola- Boys’ Coach  

    Mr. Barbella- Girls’ Coach      


    Track season runs approximately from February to April or early May. 


    Mrs. Hornbeck- Girls’ Coach

    Mr. Kozlowski- Boys’ Coach


    Practices are after school for one hour to one hour 15 minutes, and game days start at 4:45pm.  Students will be given a schedule of game days.  Please be advised students need to be picked up on time from practices and games.