Individual Tests: Individual tests are scored the same as FAMAT tests; 4 points earned for correctly answered questions, -1 point for any incorrect question, and 0 points for any omitted questions. There are 30 questions and each student has 60 minutes to answer all these questions. (This means that there is a maximum of 120 points, and a minimum of -30 points (although we recommend that nobody tries for that score))

    Team Tests: Each team question will consist of four parts (each which will require a distinct numerical or written answer). The number of correctly answered parts will count as 1 point, and a time multiplier will be factored in as follows: x4 for answering in the first minute, x3 for answering in the second minute, x2 for answering in the third minute, and x1 for answering in the fourth minute. No answers and points will be awarded for submissions after the 4th minute. For example, if a team submits their answer sheet with 3 of the four parts correctly answered in the second minute, they will earn 3 points from the correctly answered parts times the multiplier, x3, which will award them 9 points in total for that question. The team round will conclude after 12 questions (or after any additional tiebreaker or flawed-question redo questions if necessary). 
    Only one team per division per school can place. This means that if both the competitive teams of some event of one school earn enough points to place, only the students on the team with the higher amount of points will earn trophies. (We know this may create hard feelings; do your best). 

    Disputes: If there are any disputes (questions that you believe are mathematically wrong or misleading), you may submit disputes after the Individual and Team rounds in the semicircular building next to the courtyard. Points may be awarded for "unique interpretations". If a question is found to be largely flawed as to unbalance the fairness of the question, that question may be thrown out. If another answer is found to be correct in addition to the one originally posted, all students who answered this answer will be awarded points in addition to those who submitted the originally correct answer. 

    This year we will be holding two additional mini-competitions: "Rubik's Cube Competition" and "Pi Competition"
    Rubik's Cube Competition: A Rubik's Cube will be scrambled in a specific order for all participants. 1 participant from each school will be timed on how long it takes them to solve the cube. The top three individuals with the fastest times will win special awards at the closing ceremony. 
    Pi Competition: This competition entails the writing of digits of Pi, scored until the first mistake. Participants will be given 1 minutes to write as many digits of Pi as accurately as they can on a piece of provided paper. Participants must use pen and may not cross out errors. Those who reach the furthest numbers after the decimal, will be awarded a special prize during the awards ceremony. Only 2 participant from each school can compete.