• Skyview Elementary School provides it students with a plethora of technology resources to help equip them in our goal of 100% student academic success. Each of our classrooms have a digital Smart Board and projector for use during instruction and class activities. We have two 25-unit desktop labs that are scheduled weekly by our primary classes for academic support and practice.  We also provide each 4th and 5th grade class with a complete class set of laptops.  This allows our upper grade classes to enjoy daily access to all of the academic technology resources provided through our district. 

    Each Kindergarten class is equipped with a class set of six laptops, which include three 2 in 1 tablet computers. Our students in grades 1st to 3rd are also provided with six laptops per classroom to supplement their weekly time in the campus computer labs.  As we continue to promote digital learning, it is our firm belief that every Skyview student will have the technological resources needed to become effective 21st century learners!

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    Our WSKY program is our morning school news show that is broadcast daily here at Skyview. One of the best things about WSKY is that is it student-led.  Students who are selected to be part of the WSKY team will learn how to engineer sound, use a Tricaster and teleprompter, write scripts, anchor the newscast, interview staff, and collaborate with other students in producing a full blown television program! With each passing year the members of our WSKY team leave a lasting positive impression on our whole school community, while building friendships that last a lifetime. At WSKY every student is a star!