• CLI application criteria


    The Center for Literacy Innovation was designed to meet the needs of students who are at risk for developing reading difficulties and students who are currently exhibiting difficulties. Students who apply to the CLI program will be screened for key indicators of reading and language skill.  



    • Required component of application process
    • Includes direct assessments of word reading accuracy, reading fluency, and oral language skills and a review of your child’s educational records and present school performance.
    • Scores on the screener place students into “risk ranges” based on the likelihood of the student requiring intervention in order to meet benchmark reading goals when compared with other children in the same grade.
    • Students are offered seats at CLI based on the cumulative risk profile they exhibit across the multiple screening components and space available.


    If you have questions about your student’s screener results, you may contact school psychologist Ms. Ross at (727) 298-2788.