School History

  • Highland Lakes ElementaryHighland Lakes Elementary Leadership Academy has 18 acres of land, but only a little over half are usable, the rest being wetlands or swamps that can not be developed. The challenge was to build an elementary school on an odd-shaped lot that was really only half the amount of land needed for a school site.

    Highland Lakes Elementary Leadership Academy opened its doors on January 22, 1992. The school was originally scheduled for an earlier opening, but due to delays caused by construction and the weather, Highland Lakes Elementary Leadership Academy actually began in August 1991, in the old Oldsmar Elementary School.

    The mission of Highland Lakes Elementary Leadership Academy is to create a safe and respectful learning environment which fosters self-directed learners. We will do this by accomplishing our School Improvement Plan goals and providing quality educational experiences so that we will build a community of successful, life-long learners.