John Hopkins Middle School

Center for International Studies in the Arts and Multimedia Journalism

JHMS Modified Dress Code Policy

The JHMS Modified Dress Code Policy is designed to increase student engagement by requiring students to follow the modified dress code. Those students that elect not follow the modified dress code will receive disciplinary consequences. Dress Code violations will be calculated individually and students will report to the cafeteria during the first period modified dress code check if they are found to be out of dress code.

Dress Code Expectations:

•Pants (Slacks, Jeans, Capri's) - NO leggings, jeggings, tights, sweat pants, stirrups, or holes. NO sagging pants or shorts

•Shorts or Skirts —No shorter than 2 inches above the knee. NO basketball shorts. No pencil or spandex skirts.

•Shirts—Collared Shirts: Polo and button down ONLY any pattern or color. Only Official John Hopkins Middle School T-Shirts will be worn.

•No hoodies or head covering

•Shoes must have a back.

•Clothing as outlined in announcements for special events.

Dress Code Consequences:

1st – Lunch Detention/After School Detention

2nd - Lunch Detention/After School Detention (parent contact)

3rd - Lunch Detention/After School Detention, ABC, ABS (parent contact mandatory)

4th - Lunch Detention/After School Detention, ABC, ABS

5th and subsequent – ABC, ABS, OSS

*Students that do not attend or complete their assigned consequence will receive a discipline referral for defiance and their consequence will be an automatic out of school suspension or ABS assignment. Parents will be contacted immediately.

*Better utilize campus monitors to complete dress code walk-throughs and A-Team walk throughs will be completed also*. (Immediate referrals for those students start out with lunch detentions)