• Important Information

    Just a reminder that if you have moved or are planning on moving, alert the school as soon as possible. You will need to provide us with proof of your new address as well as the moving date. It takes 5-10 days for a new stop to be created. We may be able to provide a temporary stop if you are still in Walsingham's school zone. Please call the Assistant Principal for assistance.

    If the bus is late in the morning, call the District call center at 587-2020.

    Stops will be established in such a manner so that students will not be required to cross a multilane road (i.e., three or more lanes, including a turn lane) to get to/from the bus door. Students must use the same bus stop each day, morning and afternoon. Parents cannot change bus stops without going through the proper channels. Students who do not ride the bus ARE NOT allowed to ride home with a bus student, this is District policy.

    Transportation is a student privilege, not a “right”. Parents and students must understand that transportation privileges are contingent on acceptable student behavior aboard buses and at bus stops.
    Parents are not allowed to ride the bus without prior written consent from transportation.

    Helpful hints and suggestions from the Transportation Department of Pinellas County Schools:
    A. Students arrive at their bus stop at least 5-10 minutes before the bus
    is scheduled to arrive AND be ready to board the bus.
    B. The safety of their child to and from bus stops and home.
    C. Selecting their child’s walk routes to and from bus stops and home.
    (Parents should assist their young child by escorting them to and from their bus stop until the child learns how to walk safely on their own.)
    D. Student conduct and safety while waiting for the bus.
    E. Reviewing the bus rules with their child.
    F. Making sure their child knows their bus number and stop location.