• Speech and Language 

    The mission of the Communication Disorders Program is to ensure opportunities for all students to acquire and develop skills necessary to reach their full potential as effective communicators .
    What does a Speech and Language Pathologist do?
    *  Identify students with communication disorders through screenings and evaluations.
    *  Work with the team to develop an individualized education program (IEP)
    Help children who have receptive and expressive language disorders, speech sound disorders, social language impairments, feeding and swallowing problems, 
        and fluency/ stuttering disorders.
    *  Monitor students' progress to ensure they reach mastery.
    Our Speech and Language Pathologists work with students to assist them in the following areas: articulating sounds more clearly; verbally expressing their thoughts, wants, and needs in a clear manner; using assistive technology devices to communicate; comprehending spoken and written language; and using socially appropriate language when interacting with those around them.