Uniform Policy

  • Purpose

    Walsingham Elementary is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for instruction and learning. A proper learning atmosphere is essential for the education of each student, and student safety and achievement are the highest priorities. To this end, a uniform dress code is an effective strategy to promote an atmosphere of academia focused on learning and appropriate behaviors.

    The Modified Uniform Dress Code for the 2022-2023 school year.




    • All uniforms must be made from cotton/polyester material.
    • All students can choose from white, light blue, navy blue, gray, maroon, or red 2 or 3 button solid polos or solid button down shirts/blouses.
    • A Walsingham Wildcat Spirit T-shirt can be worn on any day of the school week.
    • All uniform bottoms must be navy blue or khaki.
    • Girls may wear uniform shorts, pants, capris, skirts, skorts, solid blue or khaki polo dresses or jumpers.
    • Shorts must be worn under dresses, skirts, or jumpers. (no longer than the length of the garment)
    • Boys may wear uniform pants or shorts.
    • Solid white, navy blue, or black socks will be worn by the students.
    • Acceptable shoes: Sneakers or closed toe with no lights or wheels. (lace tied or velcro closure)
    • Plain headbands without ears.



        Standard uniform policy along with the following:

    • Sweaters (cardigans, V-neck, crew neck over shirts must be navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon or red.
    • Sweatshirts over shirts (Solid navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon or red. No designs)
    • Windbreaker jackets (Solid navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon or red, No designs)
    • Solid color leggings or tights under skirts/jumpers (navy, white, gray, maroon, red or light blue. No designs.)
    • Turtle-necked shirts worn under a uniform shirt must be navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon, or red.
    • Long sleeved 2-3 button polo shirts (Solid navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon, or red.)
    • Shirts worn under the uniform must be solid navy, navy, white, light blue, gray, maroon, or red.



    Parents may select whatever type of outerwear they wish their child to wear (coats, hats, etc.), but for continued wear inside the classroom, clothing must meet the criteria above for indoor cool weather clothing.



    • Jeans/denim material
    • Sweatpants
    • Leggings worn as pants.
    • Lycra or spandex fabric
    • Platform heels, sandals, boots, open heels, open-toed shoes, light up shoes, shoes with wheels, Crocs
    • Zip off cargo, sweatpants, oversized and baggy clothes
    • Plain t-shirts