PCS Connects

    The district provides all 3rd-5th grade elementary students with a 2-in-1 laptop for school and home use. Parents/guardians must sign an parent responsibility form and Internet agreement form for home use. Students use these laptops for research, coding, reading online books, math and science games, review lessons, and testing. 

    The district provides all 1st-2nd grade elementary students with a 2-in-1 laptop for school use. Parents have the opportunity to sign-out the laptop for their child's laptop for home use to complete school assignments (using the parent responsibility form).

    The school provides 1-to-1 devices for all Kindergarten and ACCESS students for school use


    iPads are provided from the district for ESE, music, art, and STEM.

    Walsingham Morning Show

    Every morning, 5th grade students broadcast the Walsingham morning show. The students operate the equipment, write the scripts, and share the news under the supervision of Ms. Bonfanti, Library Media Technology Specialist. 

    Smartboard Technology

     All Classrooms have Smartboards to enhance instruction. Teachers are also provided with document cameras in order to share print resources in whole class instruction and digitally. Recently we added ScreenBeams to all our K-5 classrooms. This allows teachers (and students) to project wirelessly and help monitor student computer use.