Friday Family Lunch

  • Welcome to K-5 Friday Family Lunch here at North Shore Elementary!

    We are happy to have you here on campus.

    Some friendly reminders regarding the process:


    • Parents must be Level 2 cleared – no exceptions.
    • Family lunches will be held in the Courtyard at the picnic tables.
    • In consideration of safety, students eating lunch with a parent will not be permitted to join classes who may be having recess in the Courtyard.
    • If the parent is already in the Courtyard waiting as classes walk to lunch, students may leave the line to eat with their parent (the teacher must be aware and communicate with them).
      • If the parent is not at the picnic benches yet, the student will go into the cafeteria and the parent may peek their head into the cafeteria upon arrival. The staff member on duty will get the child for the parent, and they may go to the Courtyard for lunch.
      • No parents/guests of students will be eating in the cafeteria.
      • There is no rainy-day plan; parents will plan to visit on another Friday.
    •  If the parent leaves early, the child will return to the cafeteria and be dismissed with their class.
    • If the parent stays for the entire lunch block, the parent will release the child to their classroom teacher or staff member on lunch duty once lunch ends.
      • Parents are not authorized to walk with students back to the classroom.
      • Parents have to depart campus once their child’s lunch block ends.
      • Parents are required to sign out in the front office before departing campus.
    • Parents without Level 2 clearance always have the option to sign their child out to eat at the benches/table in the front of the school; plan to return the student to the front office at the end of the student’s lunch block.
    • Parents are only allowed to take their child from the cafeteria for lunch; no friends, neighbors, classmates, relatives, etc. will be allowed to exit the cafeteria to join another family for lunch.
    • Only students at each grade level's lunchtime will be allowed to eat lunch with their parents. If parents have more than one student at North Shore Elementary, they will need to stay for each child’s lunch block. We will not pull students out of class to join another student’s lunch block.
    • Parents must wear their Level 2 badge while on campus. If parents do not have their Level 2 badge with them, they will not be allowed to join their students for lunch.