Volunteer Information

  •  Many Hands Make Light Work
    If you would like to volunteer at North Shore Elementary you need to become a registered volunteer. To register, please contact Mrs. Ward at 727-893-2181 or email her at wardtay@pcsb.org.
    Volunteering Opportunities
    • SAC
    • PTA
    • Fall Festival – October
    • The Great American Teach-In – November
    • Picture Days
    • Lunch Pals Mentor – Commit to eating lunch once a week with a child.  They serve as role models, listening friends, and caring companions.  Mentors provide encouragement and support to students. To be a mentor, you are required to attend a mandatory Mentor Class given by the School Board.
    • Tutor – Assist students on an individual basis or in small groups to reinforce basic skills in various academic subjects.  
    • Media/Library – Shorting and shelving books, help with check out and check in and assisting in other day to day duties
    • Book Fair – Help kids with shopping and money management
    • Cafeteria – Wiping tables and assist children during lunch
    • Office/Clerical – Answer phones, filing, making copies, laminating and other daily duties
    • In Classrooms – Field Trips chaperone, classroom assistance, special projects as directed by the teacher
    • Solicit Community & Businesses Partnerships thru the 3M’s:
      • Money – Adopt-A-Class, Event Sponsors, Department Sponsors
      • Manpower – Guest speakers, Volunteers, Mentors
      • Materials – Copying and printing services, donations of food, supplies, gifts and giveaways to be used for fundraising and/or appreciation events



    What talent do you have to offer?