Safety Patrol Info.

  • Safety patrols are for fifth graders only.  Please contact Ms. Bockholt for an application if you would like your child to be a safety patrol.
    Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Take your job seriously and be proud to have been selected as a patrol.
    2. Accept responsibility! Your duty is to help keep our community and peers safe, not to discipline.
    3. Patrols must keep up with their classwork and homework responsibilities. Academics always come first.
    4. You must be courteous and respectful to students and adults. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    5. Be alert on your post.
    6. Be on time to your post. If for any reason you cannot be at your post, please contact Ms. Bockholt.

    Duty Hours:
    Morning Duty: Be on post at 8:10 AM
    Afternoon Duty: Be picked up at 2:50 PM