Safety Patrol Information

    Safety patrols are for fifth graders only.  Please contact Ms. Paetzold ( for an application if you would like your child to be a safety patrol.

    KNIGHTS’ Safety Patrol Expectations


    A Safety Patrol’s Schedule:


    Morning Post          8:25am – 8:45am

    • Breakfast can be picked up on the way. Do not eat at post.
    • You must be to Specials on time. No exceptions.
    • Do not visit other posts or other classrooms.
    • Do not wander the campus or go to other posts.

    Afternoon Post       2:40pm – 3:00pm

    • Go directly to your post.
    • Do NOT visit other classrooms or teachers on your way!
    • Do not wander the campus or go to the other posts.


    Though your Safety Patrol posts are before and after school, you are a Safety Patrol ALL day. You are the best of North Shore Elementary’s KNIGHTS and are expected to behave as such ALL day.


    What a Safety Patrol Looks Like:

    • Follows ALL school rules
    • Puts SAFETY first
    • Wears Safety Patrol belt correctly over the shoulder
    • Wears the correct uniform
    • Shirt tucked in, belt on pants, and nametag on belt


    What a Safety Patrol Sounds Like:

    • Polite
    • Respectful
    • Honest
    • Firm, but friendly


    What a Safety Patrol Acts Like:

    • A Safety Patrol is a positive role model who acts with integrity.




    Demerits – Incorrect uniform, unexcused tardy or absent from post, less than orange on classroom behavior chart, not performing duty, disrespectful, not completing classwork or homework.


    • 3 Demerits = 1 week suspension from Safety Patrols.
    • 3 Safety Patrol Suspensions = Permanent removal from Safety Patrols.
    • Probation = D or F on mid-term or report card will result in probation until grades are brought up.
    • Permanent Removal = Any behavior referral.