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    Hello North Shore Family,


    We hope that you find yourselves both safe and healthy in these challenging times.  We know that what we are going through is unprecedented and there are not a lot of concrete answers out there, but we want to make sure that your PTA continues to be a place where we can find and build community, as well as support each other.  Please make sure to join our Facebook Page North Shore Knights PTA  ( and reach out to us via email at with any questions or concerns that we might be able to help with.  In a time where many of us feel more isolated and alone we want to do everything we can to build relationships, support each other and connect with one another. 

PTA Mission, Vision, Values

  • The Mission of the PTA at North Shore Elementary is to:

    • ignite, build and strengthen community and school pride among all parents, teachers and students, and
    • develop, advocate for, and implement programs and policies that support our teachers and ensure strong educational outcomes for our students, and
    • provide opportunities for families and staff within the school, as well as members of our broader community to sustain these programs through participation, fundraising, and volunteerism.


    The Vision of North Shore PTA is:

    • a fully inclusive school community where students are thriving, teachers are supported, families are engaged, and all voices are welcome.


    The Values of North Shore PTA are:        

    • kindness, inclusion, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and integrity