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    Mission, Vision, Goals


    The mission of the PTA at North Shore Elementary is to:

    • develop, advocate for and/or implement programs and policies that ensure strong education outcomes for our students,

    • ignite, build and strengthen community and school pride among all parents, teachers and students,

    • provide opportunities for families and staff within the school, as well as members of our broader community to sustain these programs with their time, talent or treasure.


    The Vision of North Shore PTA is:

    • A campus where parents, teachers and students are simultaneously thriving and at ease; inspired and content in the knowledge that the world is available to them; the PTA serves this vision as a support system that asks ‘what can we do for you?’, or says ‘thank you’ and ‘keep it up!’.


    The Goals of North Shore PTA by committee are:

    • Each committee shall develop a list of proposed goals and share with the executive board for input. An example for Community Committee would be: Increase membership to 50% of the families attending the school.


    The Culture of North Shore PTA is:

    • The PTA is friendly, outgoing, supportive of one another, open to all ideas and questions from anyone, considerate of resources and trusted by all.



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    Box Tops

    Please keep clipping your Box Tops over the summer and just send them in with your student at any time.