Welcome to North Shore Elementary Physical Education

  • Welcome to Physical Education at North Shore. We look forward to helping your child be a healthy student. As a family, please discuss the information in this brochure so that our students can have a safe and successful year.

PE Rewards

  • We will reward our students this year with our “Knight Notes.” If a student collects five during the grading period, he/she will earn a “High Five” Award to take home. Each week we choose a Super Sport from each class. The Super Sport is a student that demonstrates outstanding behavior during the week. They will have their name read during WNSE Knightly News, name in the school newsletter and earn a certificate.

PE Consequences

  • To ensure a safe learning environment, the students must follow the rules for Physical Education. These are the consequences for breaking the rules.
    1. Time-out (fill out Thinking Sheet)
    2. Three time-outs or teacher discretion: Parent Information Form (must be signed by a parent)
    3. Time-out in another class
    4. Office referral
    Severe behavior: Skip prior steps and automatic office referral (ex. fighting)

PE General Information

    If a student is to be excused from Physical Education, a note is required from the parent/guardian. If the injury lasts for more than three days, a medical excuse needs to be obtained from a physician.
    The students must wear clothing that will allow for maximum participation during Physical Education. A belt must be worn if the pants or shorts are loose. Tennis shoes are to be worn during class. The tennis shoes must be fully enclosed (including top of foot) and tied or fastened. Sandals, boots, high heels (platform tennis shoes included), heelys or dress shoes cannot be worn or injury could occur. The students may bring water bottles to class. They must be used properly and only contain water in them.


    The students earn a progress and conduct grade in physical education each grading period.

    Skills grade: The students are graded by teacher observations and student performance.

    Conduct grade: The students are responsible for their grade by the number of times they are in time-out and their participation. **Both physical education grades do factor into determining principal’s list and honor roll.

    # of time-outs Grade

    E Excellent

    1 – 2 V Very Good

    3 – 4 S Satisfactory

    5 – 6 N Needs Improvement

    7 or more U Unsatisfactory