Welcome to North Shore Elementary Physical Education

  • As Physical Educators our goal is to develop student’s literacy in a wide variety of health and physical education related topics. We look forward to sharing our passion with your child.


  • Our Physical Education staff places an extremely high level of appreciation for your child’s learning environment and safety, therefore we hold each student accountable for their actions. Please help us ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn, grow, and enjoy PE.


  • 1. Safety first.

    2. Respect everyone.

    3. Follow instruction the first time.


  • Verbal and nonverbal parse, class and/or school shout outs, Dojo points, Knight Notes, Positive notes/calls home, and many more.



  • Verbal and nonverbal corrections, self-reflection, written self-reflection, parent contact, office referral.


General Information

  • Our Physical Education staff is excited to have the opportunity to serve our students three times a week. Please know your child’s PE days and make sure they are dressed appropriately. Athletic clothing and tennis shoes should be worn during every class. For your child’s safety if they are not dressed in the correct attire they will not be able to participate.


    If your child must be excused from PE please provide a written note. If the injury lasts for more than three days a medical excuse needs to be obtained from a physician.


    Refillable Water bottles are highly encouraged as the PE space does not have water fountains. The only substance allowed in the refillable bottles is water. Food is not to be brought or consumed in the PE space.


    Parents please help us educate your child on jacket responsible behavior. We are extremely active in physical education and students often lose their jackets after taking them off.


    Grading scale

    Skill/knowledge grade and Conduct grades are posted each grading period using the following scale.

    E - Excellent

    V - Very Good

    S - Satisfactory

    N - Needs Improvement

    U – Unsatisfactory


    We look forward to having a fun and exciting year in Physical Education

    If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at sylvesterc@pcsb.org or call North Shore Elementary at (727) 893-2181