Castle Apprenticeship Program

  • C.A.P. is the acronym for the Castle Apprenticeship Program, and is based off of the “ Schoolwide Enrichment Model” (SEM) that was started by Dr. Joe Renzulli at the University of Connecticut.  C.A.P. is an opportunity for students to explore an area of interest in a nontraditional setting.    


    Students are asked to choose three clusters from a list that sounds interesting to them.  The students are told in advance that it might not be possible for everyone to be placed in a cluster they have chosen. There are over 20 exciting clusters in all types of areas, including art, drama, history, cooking, engineering, gardening, and more! Teachers will be guiding the students in clusters. The clusters will be comprised of students from similar grade levels (K-2 and 3-5).


    During the eight weeks, each cluster is working on creating some sort of final product. Something to showcase their hard work, and parents/families will be invited to come see all of the projects or performances one evening.


    If you would like more information or would like to support our CAP Clusters, please contact Ms. Bockover at