Uniform Policy

  • Purpose

    North Shore Elementary is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for instruction and learning. A proper learning atmosphere is essential for the education of each student, and student safety and achievement are the highest priorities. To this end, implementing a modified dress code is an effective strategy to promote an atmosphere of academia focused on learning and appropriate behaviors.



    North Shore Elementary uniform consists of the following:

    1. Pants, shorts, Capri pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers in the colors of dark blue (not denim), black, or any shade of khaki. Shorts, skirts or skorts must extend below fingertip.
    2. Legging in the solid color of blue, black or white may be worn under shorts, skorts, jumpers or skirts.
    3. Shirts with short or long sleeves and a collar (polo, dress-style with button, or turtleneck) in solid colors of Dark Blue, Gray, Red, or Purple.
    4. In the event of cold weather, a solid colored sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan sweater is permitted over the uniform shirt.
    5. Any North Shore Elementary t-shirt may be worn on Fridays.
    6. Closed-back shoes (no flip flops or sandals).


    Where to Purchase

    You can purchase the uniforms at any retail store such as Walmart, Target, or JC Penneys.

    Clothes for Kids is a non-profit organization that donates clothes to needy kids. If a family needs a referral, email Ms. Dumaine, or call her at 727-893-2181.

    Uniform Sign