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    Curtis Fundamental School Advisory Council

    The ​School Advisory Council​ (SAC) is a school-based team of people that represents the school itself and the surrounding community–parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, business/industry people and other interested community members– who are all invested in supporting the school’s continuous improvement.

    The activities of the council enrich the learning environment of Curtis Fundamental Elementary by assisting in the preparation and evaluation of the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP). The SIP is our locally created blueprint on how to best improve our school, which establishes educational priorities and informs the school’s annual budget. The SAC utilizes collaboration and data-driven decision making​ to identify problem areas and develop improvement strategies that are sensitive to the needs of ​each of the communities served by the school.

    Innovation for continuous improvement is a group effort that takes advantage of the representation of the many different backgrounds and perspectives that make up our school and community. ​Because of this, the Curtis SAC holds a monthly public meeting in the Media Center.​ ​Please join us for a meeting​ t​ o see what we’re working on, and to share your unique perspective as one of our valued community members!

    If you have any questions about SAC, please contact Sari Wood, Chairperson, curtiscougarssac@gmail.com​.

    Upcoming Meeting Dates

    2021- 2022 SAC Calendar

    Mark your calendars for these upcoming meetings. (All events are tentative and scheduled to change due to COVID-19.)
    **SAC Alternate Night (PTA meeting credit earned for SAC attendance)

    23      SAC Meeting (6:00pm)

    20      SAC Meeting (6:00pm)

    25      SAC Meeting (6:00pm)**

    October 25th SAC meeting at 6pm is an alternate for PTA night. 

    15     SAC Meeting (6:00pm)**

    24     SAC Meeting (6:00pm)**   

    28       SAC Meeting (6:00pm)**

    28       SAC Meeting (6:00pm)

    25       SAC Meeting (6:00pm)

    23       SAC Meeting (6:00pm)




    2021-2022 School Advisory Council Members



    Member Name, Position



    Sari Wood, Chairperson

    Claire Dollar, Co-Chairperson

    Jennifer Artiaga, Secretary

    Richard Knight, Administrator



    Jennifer Campoli, Student Enrichment

    Seema Patel, SAC/PTA Liaison & Community Closet Coordinator



    Karen Boggess

    Alex Cordoba

    Nicole Kennedy

    Jaclyn Kilpatrick

    Jenny Ledward

    Melanie Niemerg

    Jessica O’Connell

    Ashley Propst

    Anne Punch

    Cynthia Ramos-Gonzalez

    Alesha Salomoni

    Ashley Shaw

    School Representatives

    Sylvia Cairns, Teacher, PMAC Leader

    Laura Daniels, Support Staff



    Olivia Wilson, Dunedin Public Library