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School Supply list 2016-2017

KINDERGARTEN: Each child should have the following items with their name plainly written on them: Backpack or tote bag (no rolling backpacks); Rest towel (no bigger than a beach towel, no plastic mats, no pillows, please).  Each child should bring the following items to share (their name should not be written on them): Package of sheet protectors; four glue sticks (large size). From each boy ~ 1 bottle of liquid hand soap; 1 package of broad tip markers (primary colors). From each girl ~ 1 package of #2 pencils; 1 package of fine tip markers (primary colors).
FIRST GRADE: Girls – 1 container of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes and 1 box of Kleenex tissues. Boys – 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 1 box of Hefty quart sized slider bags.  All Students – 1 package of black dry erase markers, 1 package of sharpened #2 pencils (standard yellow), 1 large glue stick, 1 wide ruled composition book (hard covered)
SECOND GRADE:  Please do not put your child’s name on any items. 2 homework folders (any design) Fox, Fuhs, Bosacki only.  Pencils (Ticonderoga preferred), pencil pouch (no boxes), USB 2g, 4 wide ruled composition books, 1 pkg. glue sticks, 4 pocket folders with prongs (1 each red, blue, green, yellow) 1 ruler with both inches and centimeters, 2 dry erase markers, sticky notes in light colors, wide ruled notebook paper, pencil top erasers. NO ROLLING BACKPACKS.
THIRD GRADE: No names please (teachers will label all supplies).  3 dozen pencils (Ticonderoga preferred), 4 composition books, colored pencil, 24 pack of crayons, 1 black sharpie, 2 folders with prongs and pockets(1 red and 1 blue), 1 inch binder with pockets inside, glue sticks(3 pack),  pencil box, box of tissues, Clorox wipes, post-its (6 pack of 3 inch)
FOURTH GRADE:  3 dozen #2 pencils, Colored pencils, Crayons, Thin markers, Highlighter, Black twin-tip Sharpie permanent marker, Pencil box/case, (1) red poly-vinyl folder with pockets and prongs, (1) blue poly-vinyl folder with pockets and prongs, (1) 1½ inch poly-vinyl binder/notebook with pockets, 2 pkg wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper, Pocket thesaurus, 4 GB flash drive, 2 - 6 pack of 3-inch Post-it Notes, (2) ¼” grid spiral notebook,(3) composition books, 5 dividers with tabs, (1) 3-subject wide-ruled spiral notebook, Sanitizing wipes, Box of tissues, 100 sheet protectors, Covered pencil sharpener, 5-inch scissors, 4 glue sticks, Headphones, Girls:  quart or gallon zip lock bags, Boys:  bottle of hand sanitizer
FIFTH GRADE: 1 vinyl folder with pockets and prongs (purple), 2 three subject wide-ruled spiral, 2 wide-ruled composition notebooks, 1-¼ grid spiral notebook, 2 packages of #2 pencils, pencil storage pouch, 5 dividers with tabs & pockets, 1 black sharpie, 2 packages of wide-ruled notebook paper, 4 Gig flash drive, package of 100 sheet protectors, 3 packages of 3x3 yellow post-it notes.  Donations of paper towels, Lysol wipes, and tissues are welcome.