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    Fall 2017 Enrichment Programs

    Please click on the links below for course descriptions and for sign-up information.

    Unfortunately Keyboarding, Pickleball and Air Dry Clay are not available at this time. 

    Some of the Enrichment providers are no longer able to provide their services to the school because of the insurance they are required to have by the county.  The Enrichment Program was delayed this past week as we worked with all of the programs making sure they are able to provide the necessary Insurance required by Pinellas County Schools. 

    Once sign-up is completed and the students have started this session’s programs, we will be looking at adding a few additional programs to the next sessions.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    2017 Fall Enrichment Program Descriptions and Sign-Up Information         2017 Fall Enrichment Program Schedule

    The purpose of enrichment programs is to enhance student learning and growth. If you have ideas for new programs to add at Curtis, please contact Tricia Manning at tmanning72@gmail.com


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