• TMS Dress for Success Expectations

    All Tyrone Eagles, staff and students, are required to meet uniform and dress code standards every day. The following is the Dress Code Policy for Students of Tyrone Middle School and will be enforced as per School Board Policy.

    Dress Shirts: All shirts must be solid in color. They must fit neatly and not be oversized (cannot extend below the wrists when arms are held at the side) or undersized (must extend below the waistline). We prefer all shirts to be tucked inside. The expected dress code shirt must be visible.

    Polo Style Shirts (short and long sleeve) Vendor: John Dockerty Printworks www.printworksbydoc.com

    Also acceptable:

    • School approved Tyrone Middle School Spirit and Club shirts may be worn on Fridays (or other designated days).
    • College shirts may be worn on College Day, which is the 1st Friday of every month.


    • Dark Green, Gold/Yellow, White, Black (Monday-Thursday)
    • Any color Tyrone Middle School (TMS) Polo or TMS crew shirt on Spirit Fridays
    • Fluorescent colors are not permitted.


    • Must be small (quarter size), no larger than 1 inch by 1 inch


    Pants/shorts /skirtsAll bottoms must be solid in color. They must be neat in appearance (un-torn), worn at the waist (belts are recommended) with no exposed skin or underwear (F.S. 1006.07), and must be knee length at minimum (shorts, dresses, skirts). The bottoms may not be torn or have rips in fashion. Spandex, oversized bottoms or form-fitting bottoms are not permitted. Skinny jeans that are skintight and form-fitting are not permitted.  Athletic, jersey, sweat pants, nylon or knitted types are not permitted, with the exception of being in Gym (PE) class.


    • Khaki or black ONLY

    Also acceptable:

    • Blue jeans are allowed on Friday only as long as they are neat in appearance - blue, full length and un-torn/un-ripped/no holes/frays. No midriff or rear skin should be shown when the student is standing or sitting.


    FootwearSafe and appropriate. Shoes must have a heel strap or closed back. Closed toe shoes are preferred. Crocs are not acceptable footwear and will not be permitted on campus.

    Outerwear: Plain sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets that are solid in color (white, black, gold/yellow, dark blue, dark green, or grey). No designs/logos larger than 1 inch by 1 inch. Outerwear with a hood is not acceptable outerwear and will not be permitted on campus. All acceptable outwear should be without a hood attached.

    Belts: Belts are recommended when wearing shorts, skirts, pants and jeans with belt loops, to assist in keeping bottoms at the waist. Current school board policy must be followed for appropriate images, etc.

    Exceptions: Students may wear their uniform shirts on club or game days, as designated by their coach or club sponsor. Students involved in cheerleading, band, chorus, and athletics may wear their group uniforms on approved designated game days. Cheerleaders will not wear their cheer skirts during the school day. On approved designated days, attire must be in accordance with the district dress code policy.

    Additional Notes:

    Black shorts, knee length minimum, and a white T-shirt are required for physical education. Tennis/gym shoes must tie or strap. Undergarments must not be visible.


Last Modified on November 8, 2022