• Tyrone Middle School CLUBS!
    Tyrone Middle School understands the need for enrichment programs that will allow your student to explore to additional content that isn't always covered in their schedule.  We have developed Club Day as a way for students to gather together in areas based on specific interests and needs. The list below shows the choices your student used to pick their Club for every last Wednesday of the month.
    ____Chess We will compete in games of chess

    ____ Crafts “seasonal" crafting fun

    ____ Hip Hop Line Dancing We will be doing line dancing to the latest hip hop songs.

    ____NJHS (Must be in 8th grade, have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, be in at least one advanced class) this club promotes leadership, service, and academic excellence.

    ____PMAC The Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee is a Multicultural student leadership program designed to empower students to have a positive, sustainable impact on the culture and climate of their schools and communities.

    ____Student Literacy Team The literacy club will promote reading and writing at TMS. Students will participate and promote reading contest and other literacy activities such as Battle of the Books. They will also host fundraisers such Box Tops.

    ____5,000 Role Models (boys) 5000 Role Models is a mentoring program for young men to learn techniques of being gentlemen, and will provide strategies to for being career and college ready

    ____ Study Hall A silent, study time for student to read a book or do school work.

    ____Yoga Students will perform various yoga moves and practice the art of Yoga

    ____Nail Art  We will be doing newspaper nail art, designs, and healthy nail habits including cleaning, cuticles, and maintenance. 

    ____Storm Chasers  This is a club for students who are interested in meteorology and studying weather patterns and storms.

    ____Gardening/ Campus Beautification Campus Beautification will be working outdoors with nature to plant and landscape

    ____Crossfit We will be EXERSIZING and getting healthy using only our body weight.  You will need to bring a change of clothes and a towel for the ground. Be ready to sweat and work out!

    ____Intermural Sports Students will choose from a variety of activities such as Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Asteroids.

    ____ Minecraft (must have your own Minecraft software license) Minecraft club will be observing the Mathematics and Science associated with the 3-D Overworld. We will investigate the engineering and creative contexts of the game.

    ____Spanish  Unites Spanish-speaking students of all different levels and Spanish-speakers in order to learn more about the Spanish language and culture. We are scheduling a number of events and activities throughout this school year dealing with both the language and culture.

    ____Guitar (must have own string instrument) this club is for students who would like to teach themselves to play guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and song writing. This is a meeting place for students who want to meet other people who are also learning to play an instrument or write songs.

    ____Scrabble  Students will engage in friendly games of scrabble.

    ____ Student Government Helps share the ideas, interests, and concerns of students with the teachers and school principals in order to help find solutions and create events that interest the student body as a whole.

    ____Girl Talk (girls) Club members build friendships, share their feelings and struggles, help one another grow while discussing and participating in a variety of activities dealing with issues common to all young women.  We will also participate in community activities (i.e. baking cookies for a nursing home)

    ____ School Spirit The Spirit Club is the first to know about upcoming events and responsible for letting the rest of the school know.  We make posters and arts and crafts, promote a positive attitude for our school and classmates, and strive to show our best every day.

    ____ International Young Ladies Academy (girls) The Young Women's Leadership Academy is a group of young women who inspire to change the world.  These young ladies will have an opportunity to engage in positive discussions about health, leadership opportunities, college and career opportunities and will have opportunities to engage in community service.