• Dear Virtual Visitors,

    Welcome back to all of our returning 7th and 8th grade students, and a special welcome to our incoming 6th graders. We are enthused about the outlook of this school year and are committed to tapping into all resources to provide our students with the highest quality education.

    We will continue to excel in educating our students and seeking success in all aspects of academia and beyond. With the cooperation of students, parents, teachers, administration, and community members, we will fulfill our VISION. It is our hope that we will build extensive relationships with our students, parents, businesses, and community as a whole. Tyrone Middle School is committed to going above and beyond in order to continue exceeding the expectations. Positivity is the key to success. We are looking forward to a year filled with success for both students and teachers.

    Tyrone Middle School serves approximately 1000 students in the inviting and friendly St. Petersburg community of North Pinellas. The faculty and staff of Tyrone Middle School is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals who’s shared vision is to ensure that all our students are successful. We promote high expectations and strive to provide a safe; culturally sound environment. We encourage all parents to take an active role in their children's education and contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Thank you for visiting our website and please check back regularly for updates and information.

    Yours in Education,

    Tyrone Middle School

  • What is a magnet?

    Magnet programs focus on a certain theme with specialized curriculum in areas such as arts, communication, science and technology, and gifted studies. Some programs have eligibility requirements. Students living anywhere in the county may apply.

    About US

    Tyrone Middle will be The Center for Innovation and Digital Learning. Our magnet program curriculum will include advanced and rigorous course work while encouraging students to become creative, critical, reflective thinkers in a digital learning environment. Students will have the added benefit of one-to-technology while in the magnet program.


    How to apply 

    This is an area application program and is available to students who live in all areas of the county. To apply please use the Student Reservation System.



    The Center for Innovation and Digital Learning

    Tyrone Middle School’s Program provides an intellectually challenging environment that encourages students to become critical and reflective thinkers in preparation for success in college, careers and citizenship in the 21st century global environment.


    Areas of study

    • Language Arts
    • Comprehensive Science
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Varied electives including Technology, Physical Education Health, Spanish, Reading and AVID
    • Subject groups are integrated through the digital learning contexts that provide a framework for learning within and across the subjects.



    Arterial bus transportation (buses that operate on main roads with a limited number of stops) is provided to students who live within the application area and more than two miles from the school. Magnet bus stop locations may require that parents drive their children to and from the stop.