Center for Gifted Studies


    Midtown Academy’s Center for Gifted Studies students receive all of the programming opportunities offered to our Center for Cultural Arts students with addtional Gifted Programming!  


    What Makes Us Special!

    • Only South-County Magnet to offer Full-Time Gifted Instruction

    • Gifted Endorsed Teachers

    • Homogenous Gifted Classrooms (all gifted all day!)

    • Explicit Daily Gifted Enrichment Block

    • Curriculum Aligned with the 7 Gifted Goals

    • Elevated Rigorous Curriculum

    • Feeder priority to John Hopkins Center for Gifted Studies and Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School Center for Gifted Studies.

    • Weekly Interest Based Enrichment Clusters

    • Cultural Immersion Field-Trips

    • 4 Times Weekly Arts Instruction: General Music, Applied Music, Cultural Arts, and General Arts

    • MakerSpace Lab once a week


    Students holding the word Gifted


    Please contact Jessica Soto to learn more about the Center for Gifted Studies program or if you have any questions.