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Student Dismissal

How will students be dismissed?

  • All students are expected to use social distancing, and follow adult directions during dismissal.

  • There will be a staggered dismissal process to ensure social distancing and limit foot traffic through the hallways:

  • Upon dismissal students are expected to quickly and safely leave the campus-no additional stops along the way.


Dismissal Procedures

2:40-2:50 pm

  • Pre-K dismissal from the car circle


2:50 pm

  • Bus riders are to be watching the tv for silent dismissal

  • YMCA is dismissed to cafeteria

  • Bike riders and walkers are dismissed


2:55 pm

  • Car riders in grades 1-5 are dismissed to designated seating out front of the school

    • Kindergarten- seated outside of recess gate

    • 1st grade- seated outside of entrance to cafeteria

    • 2nd grade- seated outside of exit to cafeteria

    • 3rd grade- seated by flag

    • 4th grade- seated by entrance to school

    • 5th grade- seated near the bike rack gate