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    The mission of the IB Boosters is to support the Students, their Families, the Faculty and Administration of the St. Petersburg High School International Baccalaureate program by providing financial and administrative support, disseminating information about the IB program, maintaining an IB Booster website, sponsoring social and study events and performing alumni outreach.

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    IB Boosters Officers 2017-2018

    Maria Kast-Ondraczek

    Vice President

    Curt Miller


    Esther Happle


    Christopher Klemawesch


    Maureen Corbett & Renee Savic


    Lisa Scribano

    IB Website

    Ron Ladd


    Cindee Connon

    IB Senior Celebration 

    Darla Kiernan

    IB Coordinator
    Susan Farias
    Beth Forys





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    Contact the SPHS IB Boosters at sphsibparents@gmail.com.


    Enroll in the 2017 IB Google Group.





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