SPHS IB Program Highlights 
    Academic Advising: A teacher/mentor who helps the student maximize his or her potential by assisting with academic, personal and career concerns.

    IB Guidance Counselor: The IB counselor works with students and provides individual assistance for college application process.

    Diploma Support: Time built into the schedule for Academic Advising and working with teachers to accomplish IB Program requirements.

    Inquiry Skills class: A 9th-grade class that prepares students for the skills necessary to succeed in the IB Program.

    Tutoring: Available from teachers and students in honor societies.
    World-Class Faculty: All teachers, Pre-DP and IB, attend IB training.

    IB Boosters: Parent Association for IB parents.

    Pinellas County School Portal: Allows parents to monitor students’ progress and attendance.

    Parent Meetings: Designed to inform parents about important IB topics.

    Parent Newsletter: The IB Advocate, a quarterly publication for IB families.
    Honor Code Expectations