Industrial Machinery Maintenance Apprenticeship

  •  Industrial Maintenance

    Mission: The mission of this program is to progress currently employed individuals (working at one of our apprenticeship partners) through a four-year program to build a more qualified workforce of employees prepared to install, maintain and operate a wide array of industrial machine equipment, motors, controllers, and miscellaneous electronics in a wide array of industrial environments.  This program combines in-classroom theory and couples it with on the job training.

    Length: 4 Years
    Description: Apprentices will learn how to use various tools, including hand tools, shop tools and portable jobsite tools.  The technical skills involve aspects of maintenance of complicated facilities, encompassing the operation of water and wastewater pumping and treatment; reading of blueprints, manufacturer's operating and maintenance manuals, and shop drawing and schematics (both electrical and mechanical); processing data for a Maintenance Management System; and making calculations to complete tasks such as the alignment of machinery.  The physical skills include the hands-on maintenance of all equipment such as conveyor systems, compressors, electrical systems, gearboxes, generators, pumps, piping systems, valves and other associated processes; metal joining (welding, gas and electric, soldering and brazing); pipe fitting; rigging skills; and the use of various measuring devices.

    Special Admission Requirements:  A person must be 18 years old, have a class B Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and a high school diploma or GED, be currently working in a related job, and have the ability to flex schedules.  You must be recommended by your employer.

    Industry Certifications:  National Safety Council (NSC) Forklift Certification
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 Hour Safety Certification

    Contact Information:

    Dr. Dallas Jackson | | 727.893.2500 x2320

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    * Length of program and all costs are approximate and subject to change.