Television Production Technology

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    Length 1,200 Hours
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    Jeromy Johnson |

    (727) 893-2500 x2392

    Course Information B. Copeland - 727-893-2500 ext. 2309
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    Mission: The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment as television production operators, television broadcast technicians, camera operators; other professional/paraprofessional technicians, video recording engineers, and audio recording engineers.

    Students will learn about  the television/digital video production industry while mastering the operations of all aspects of studio and field equipment and workflows.

    Program K300300 consists of a planned sequence of courses.

    Studio Assistant - Course RTT0514 (450 hours) – Students will identify lighting needs for a planned production; correct use of television production equipment;interpret scripts; collaborate with others; perform audio and video recording and editing operations; operate editing software, set a stage, perform television production and programming activities and create a television program.

    Studio Technician - Course RTT0516 (450 hours) – Students will demonstrate their skills in using various equipment and workflows for television production based projects.

    Television Production Operations - Course RTT0109 (300 hours) – Students will perform electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) equipment functions; plan, produce, and direct a television production.

    Special Admission Requirements: Due to the physical nature of the work, students must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds and may be required to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

    Distance Education: No - not an option at this time.

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement:  70%

    Minimum Attendance Requirement:  70%

    Basic Skills Exit Requirement for Program CompletionStudent's competency in computation (mathematics) and communication (reading/language arts) is assessed; required basic skills grade levels are: Computation - 9 and Communication - 9.

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    Program length and costs are approximate, and subject to change.

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