• clever
    Using Clever at Home (download handout)
    Having trouble at home with digital learning contact an eLearning Coach to help.
    Contact Chris Davis, Program Coordinator 727-588-4816 ext. 2141
    How do students access iStation, and Dreambox from home
    Students must go through Clever to access programs.
    1. Go to the school district website - http://www.pcsb.org
    2. Select the student tab at the top of the page
    3. Scroll down and under site shortcuts you will click on Clever
    4. Click on Log in with Active Directory
      • all student passwords were changed by teacher - no longer s. passwords
      • please contact your teacher for password
    5. When logging in the first time you may need to type Pinellas before typing username
      • example:  Pinellas\r2.d2


    Visit the iStation website at www.istation.com to download the program to your home computer.

    Also take a look at the technical specs to see if your computer/tablet can run the program.

    Logging into iStation from an iPad (download handout)