• PSAT Follow Up


    All 9th and 10th graders took the PSAT.  Juniors who paid to take the PSAT tested also.  The scores are available now online and can be accessed following the directions listed below.  Counselors will be following up with students during classroom visits during January and February.

    1.       Go to

    2.       Click “Sign Up” under the Sign In spaces.
    3.       Input your personal information under “Create Your Student Account.”
    4.      Once students have set up their College Board account, they will need to log in to the account to access score information. Students should enter their username and password (at studentscores.collegeboard. org). They will be redirected to their SAT Suite of Assessments score-reporting portal, with their most recent test showing first.
    5.      If their most recent test is missing, they can use the “Missing Scores” link to update their personal information and provide their access code or student ID that will match their scores to their account.
    6.      When students log in to their College Board account, they will be taken to a dashboard (entry) screen that includes their scores, links to SAT practice, AP and core course work, and information about Student Search Service and career profiles.
    7.      The first thing they will see on the dashboard is their most recent scores. The total score for PSAT/NMSQT ranges from 320 to 1520. It is the sum of their Math section score added to their Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score. In the example on the slide, Ima’s Total score is 860, with a 380 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and a 480 in Math. When students click “View Details,” they will be taken to their detailed score reports.