Arrival and Dismissal


    It is expected that all students travel directly from their homes to school or to their bus stop each morning. They are expected to go directly home after school, school activities, or after they are delivered to their bus stop. There is no supervision of school grounds prior to 30 minutes before school begins. Students who do not ride a bus should arrive at school no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the start of school.

    No students will be permitted to enter the courtyard prior at this time unless a blue hall pass or detention slip has been issued by a teacher. Therefore, parents are responsible for the health and safety of their children until that time. Additionally, students may not enter classroom buildings until the 5-minute warning bell rings each morning.

    Students are the responsibility of the school during a school-sponsored activity, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the activity.

    Once students arrive on campus, they are to remain on campus. A five-minute warning bell will ring, and students should proceed to their first block class; first (A days) or second (B days) period. A final bell will ring when classes begin.

    A dismissal bell will ring at the end of the day. The buses will leave approximately ten minutes after the dismissal bell. All students who walk to school or ride their bicycles should leave school promptly unless staying for an after school activity. Students remaining after school for special school activities are to remain at the designated location until the end of the activity.