PTA Executive Board Social Media Policy

  • North Shore Elementary (NSE) PTA Executive Board

    Social Media Policy



    As a member of the North Shore Elementary Executive Board I,                      commit to abiding by the below Social Media Policy.  I understand that not complying with the outlined policy is grounds for removal from my position on the executive board.


    The North Shore Elementary PTA values social media and sees this forum to be a way to continually build community and help with communication amongst parents, families and care-takers of our students.  To achieve this, we require our Executive Board to:


    • Use Social Media to connect parents and families to resources at our school in order to solve problems and address challenges;
      • This includes encouraging parents to reach out to teachers and administration directly when necessary and to utilize the website and all of its information when appropriate.
    • Use Social Media to celebrate and share successes in the classroom, at events and within the district as a whole.
    • Refrain from making comments that contain profanity, threatening or harsh words, vulgar, offensive or discriminatory language, or inappropriate language or content.
    • Refrain from making comments may include confidential or private information about a student, parent, staff member, or community member, including, but not limited to, student record information, disciplinary issues, and personal issues.