Building Trades and Construction Design Technology

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    Length    900 hours
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    Cheri Ashwood |

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    Cheri Ashwood |

    (727) 893-2500 x2325

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    Mission: The mission of this program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a successful career in the building trades and construction design technology  industries.

    Program C100100 consists of a planned sequence of courses.

    Building Construction Assistant - Course BCV0080 (450 Hours) - Content includes safety practices and following distaster plans; identification and use of basic hand tools; identification and proper use of power tools; construction components, materials, hardware, and characteristics; the construction industry and related occupations; the importance of employability and entrepreneurship skills; rough and finish carpentry skills; masonry skills; painting and decorating skills; core academic knowledge and skills; and the built, natural and green built environments.

    Carpentry and Masonry Technician - Course BCV0081 (150 Hours) - Content includes laws applicable to the construction industry; and construction contracts, drawings, documents and specifications, and how they apply to the construction process.

    Electrical and Plumbing Technician - Course BCV0082 (150 Hours) - Content includes electrical rought in skills; finish electrical skills; plumbing rough in skills; finish plumbing skills; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) rough in skills; and, finish HVAC skills.

    Building Maintenance Technician - Course BCV0083 (150 Hours) - Content includes the design of a capstone project using skills learned throughout the program.

    Distance Education: Not available at this time.

    Industry Certification: ESCO

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement:  70%

    Minimum Attendance Requirement:  70%

    Basic Skills Exit Requirement for Program CompletionStudent's competency in computation (mathematics) and communication (reading/language arts) is assessed; required basic skills grade levels are: Computation - 9 and Communication - 9.


    (Pictures courtesy of the Commercial Photography program at PTC-St. Pete | Michael Landes, Instructor - Kendrick Culver, Photographer)

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