12 High School Credits

  • Safety Harbor Middle School offers students the opportunity to earn 12 high school level credits.

    Content Areas 6th GRADE 7th GRADE 8th GRADE
    Language Arts Language Arts 1, Advanced Language Arts II, Advanced Language Arts III or English I Honors (HS Credit)
    Mathematics 7th grade Advanced
    6th grade Advanced Math
    6th Grade Math
    Algebra I Honors (HS Credit)
    7th Grade Adv/Alg 1 Honors Block
    7th Grade Math Advanced
    7th Grade Math
    Geometry I Honors (HS Credit)
    Algebra I Honors (HS Credit)
    Pre-Algebra/Alg 1 Honors Block
    Science Comprehensive Science I ADV or Accelerated Honors Comprehensive Science II ADV or Accelerated Honors Comprehensive Science III
    Physical Science Honors (HS Credit)
    Social Studies U.S. History Advanced & CP
    World History & CP
    Civics ADV & CP
    U.S. History & CP
    Civics & CP
    World History Adv & CP
    Pre-AP World History & Geo (HS Credit)
    Advanced Academics GIFTED Advanced Academics: Literature
    Advanced Academics: Independent Research
    Advanced Academics: Psychology Philosophy and World War 2 Advanced Academics: Politics,
    Political Science,
    Dystopian Societies
    World Languages (optional) Beginning Chinese Spanish 1 (HS Credit Chinese 1 (HS Credit) Spanish 2 (HS Credit) Chinese 2 (HS Credit)
    Electives (All Grades) Visual Art
    1 & 2 Wood Working
    Computer Applications Bus 1
    Band I/II/III
    Chorus I/II/III
    Music Technology
    Visual Arts 3
    Digital Art & Design
    Computer Applications in Bus 2 & 3
    Coding Fundamentals
    Journalism (Yearbook)
    Band I/II/III
    Chorus I/II/III
    Pre-AP Visual Art (HS Credit)
    Journalism (Yearbook)
    Info & Comm Tech
    Digital Info Tech (HS Credit)
    Band I/II/III, JAZZ Band
    Chorus I/II/III
    AVID Health/PE