Student Dress Code


    Students in the fundamental schools are expected to exercise good judgment and dress in a responsible manner. The Code of Student Conduct lists the dress code for all Pinellas County Schools.


    All clothing must be worn in the manner in which it was designed to be worn. Any exception to the dress code policies must be approved by the school administration.  All dress and grooming rules will be enforced.


    Students violating the dress code will be sent to IC to call their parents and request a change of clothing. The student will be issued a detention for violation of the dress code policy. Repeated violations may result in a referral to the school’s IAC.


    Osceola FUNDAMENTAL HS has dress requirements, which are in addition to the Code of Student Conduct.


    ACCEPTABLE dress at Osceola Fundamental.

    • Dresses or skirts no shorter than mid-thigh
    • Leggings, with shirts that reach to mid-thigh
    • Clothing that covers the body from one armpit across to the other armpit down to mid-thigh, with sleeves that cover the shoulders
    • Ankle-length pants or slacks
    • Shirts, blouses and / or sweaters
    • Athletic pants (nylon or cotton) with pockets
    • Shoes with some form of heel strap
    • Sweatpants/joggers


    UNACCEPTABLE dress at Osceola Fundamental HS includes:

    • Shorts of any kind
    • Dresses, shirts, and blouses which bare the midriff
    • Culottes, skorts, or capris of any kind
    • Tank tops
    • Jeans with rips, shreds or tears
    • Flip flops, sandals, and shoes without back straps, slippers (Crocs MUST been worn with straps)
    • See-through shirts
    • Halter dresses or blouses
    • Clothing disruptive to the learning environment, blankets
    • Clothing and/or jewelry depicting profanity, violence, weapons, sexually suggestive signs or symbols, alternative lifestyles, drugs/tobacco/alcohol, or cult/gang-related groups/clubs and organizations/activities