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    "Our Body is Our Instrument"  ~ Author Unknown

    My name is Rebecca Hobbs.  I have the joy of teaching dance to every child at Perkins.  Students come to dance class once every other week.  Kindergarten students attend dance class for 35 minutes, 1st & 2nd grade classes attend dance class for 40 minutes, and 3rd, 4th & 5th grade classes attend dance class for 45 minutes.

    The Dance Program at Perkins is designed to expose children to a variety of dance forms and techniques while encouraging self-discipline and confidence. Our students develop body control and coordination while learning dance steps, terminology, combinations, and dances. The dancers will experiment with creative movement and be introduced to choreographic principles and processes. Perkins students will gain an appreciation for the art of Dance.


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    More About Us:

    Dance Teacher, Rebecca Hobbs, is a graduate of the University of South Florida and has been the dance teacher at Perkins for the past ten years.  Rebecca grew up and began dancing here in St. Petersburg.  She taught at Cheryl Lee’s Studio of Dance for seven years and performed professionally in The Nutcracker: On Broadway in New York City and was the Dance Captain in the production of Webb’s City: The Musical. Rebecca’s former students have performed with the touring casts of 42nd Street and Fosse.  She has studied with Michael Minery, Savion Glover, Henry Le Tang, Charles McGowan, and many others. Rebecca feels fortunate to be at Perkins and have the opportunity to inspire these young students through the Art of Dance.

    Dance Adjunct, Kelly Homman, studied dance with Rose Marie Dickman and BalletMet in Columbus, as well as obtaining a BA with dance emphasis from Bowling Green University. In addition to choreographing pieces for the 4th and 5th grade dance focus students, Kelly teaches ballet, jazz, Afro-Caribbean and Broadway to all grade levels at Perkins. She has been the Dance Director for the YMCA for many years, where many of her students have received dance scholarships to pursue their love of dance at the college level.

    Dance Attire: Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes to school on the day that they have dance class. Students may bring dance shoes to class, but it is not required.

    Dance Focus Class: Fourth and Fifth Grade students who have a strong interest in dance may choose it for their Focus. Dance Focus class takes place once a week from 1:35 - 2:35pm during school and continues after school until 3:00 pm on their focus day. Fourth Grade Dance Focus meets each Tuesday and Fifth Grade Dance Focus meets each Thursday. These dancers are expected to wear specific dance attire and dance shoes during Focus class. The Dance Focus groups perform throughout the year and are required to attend after school rehearsals. Our big event is the Dance Finale at the end of the school year!