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    PTA (Parent Teachers Association)

     PTA Committee 2016-2017:

    We encourage all our parents to become involved in helping support the needs of our school. We hope you will dedicate your time to our programs and will join us in making a positive impact at Perkins!
    PTA President: Delora Croteau
    PTA Vice President Communication: Colleen Hulse
    PTA Vice President Membership: Erin Cadman
    PTA Treasurer: Heather Wyble
    PTA Secretary: Jennifer Herrick

    Administrator: Tony Pleshe

    We look forward to an exciting year ahead serving our Perkins’ families, students and staff!

    Perkins Elementary PTA

    It’s not just about attending meetings, it’s about creating a great environment for our children through fun, educational and rewarding programs. We need to “keep the magic alive” as long as we can. Soon enough school will be mostly about tests, exams, finals, college applications (eeek!) sometimes the FUN of learning is lost. We don’t want that to happen, not yet! We have a great year ahead of us, full of Reading and Math Challenges, Bounce Houses, Super Sneaker, a Fantastic Fall Festival and Luncheons for our teachers and staff (they need to have a little fun too) Let’s work together and make this happen, we need YOU!

     The Perkins PTA assists our school in many ways; here are some of the things the PTA provides for the school:

      ·         PTA reimburses each teacher, even the Magnet/Arts teachers $100 each to help defray the costs of needed classrooms supplies.

    ·         PTA maintains our “Rabbitat” and the care for our rabbits and pond (veterinarian costs, food, hay, and housing supplies and pond supplies.)

    ·         PTA purchases lunch time Recess Equipment and helps provide PE Equipment if needed.

    ·         PTA hosts all of the Honors Breakfasts throughout the year.

    ·         PTA provides funds for other 5th Grade activities such as End of Year Patrol events and achievement awards.

    ·         PTA hosts the Teacher and Staff Luncheon several times a year for the entire Perkins Staff, along with the help of Perkins Families donations and contributions.

    ·         PTA provides funds to use towards technology enhancement and school supplies.

    ·         PTA provides funds for special requests and needs throughout the year for the entire school and staff.

    ·         PTA helps our school to be a better place for learning and personal growth.