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     Art students took to the outdoors for a bit of inspiration!

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    Student Council has been busy making birdhouses to place around campus.

    We want to send a huge THANK YOU to  Mr. Welch and Mr. Pierce for helping us with this project!

    BIrdhouse 1    birdhouse2   birdhouse3   birdhouse4


    Congratulations to Perkins artists Brooklyn Williams, Da’Nia Watkins and Mercedes Sandoval, top award winners at the Clearwater Arts Alliance Exhibit!

    clwtr1   clwtr2   clwtr3

     Meeting Cat-In-The Hat!

    cih1   cih2   cih3

     Our newest rabbits...

    cinnabun      clover      honey

    Cinnabun, Clover and Honey


    Garden Focus Group

    garden1   garden2   garden3

    SISTER CITIES! Takamatsu & St. Petersburg

    With hopes to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the United States and Japan, St. Petersburg and Takamatsu became Sister Cities, ongoing since 1959. Perkins has contributed to this goal for the past four years by creating a mural which is displayed at the Takamatsu Winter Festival of Lights.  Art students have been busy drawing and collaborating in the art room! The theme of the festival this year asks us to consider what our future may look like. Our answer is an illustration of renewable and sustainable sources of CLEAN ENERGY.

      energy   energy

     Art News!

    Congratulations to the following artists for having their artwork accepted into the Creative Start Exhibit! Amira Cain, Simon Beyersdorf, C'mya Danford, Daviona Mosley, Nadia Carlson, Trinity Joy Adras, Henry Hutcheon, and Peyton Segraves. A special congratulations to Simon Beyersdorf who received a top Honorable Mention Award.

    Keep up the great work Perkins artists!

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