Rachael Fortenbery and Gail Ward, Zee Knight and Annette Long

  • PE Team          


    Grading and Expectations in Physical Education:

    Student expectation is based on three areas of performance and knowledge:
    Physical Education Literacy
     Responsible Physical Activity Behaviors
    Advocate and Promote Physically Active Lifestyles

    Pinellas County students are evaluated four times during the year in two areas:
    Progress & Conduct
    Grades will be represented by: E, V, S, N, U

    Students are fitness tested two times (fall and spring) using the "Being Fit Matters" testing protocol.
    Although student fitness test scores are not used as part of the grading criteria, all students are encouraged to strive for scores within the "healthy fitness zone" to achieve optimal health benefits. Scores from these tests will be sent home with the student report card in grades 3-5 only.

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