• We Love Our Volunteers!

    This is the first step towards making a positive and significant impact on students through the excellent education programs offered in Pinellas County Schools. Volunteers provide opportunities to enhance the educational experience for students, while supporting teachers and staff. They also help build a strong foundation for students as they choose a career path and/or post-secondary education.

    Through your support we can help students get excited about school and the future, while having a positive attitude that will help throughout life. By modeling the kind of expectations students need to succeed, you help them become productive citizens of the community. We urge you to become an advocate and share your positive volunteer experience with others, encouraging them to get involved! There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the education experience at Perkins Elementary School.

      We look forward to you joining us!

    Perkins Elementary and the Pinellas County School Board welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents, other adult residents of the community, interested educators, and representatives of the news media. But in order for the educational program to continue undisturbed when visitors are present and to prevent the intrusion of disruptive persons into the schools, it is necessary to institute procedures regarding visitors.

    All visitors must sign in at the main administration building of the school and present a photo I.D. before being granted access. Each time you visit our campus, you will be asked to present a photo ID to be scanned into our Ident-a-kid System. Ident-a-kid is a system that has been implemented by Pinellas County Schools to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

    Please be sure to read and understand Pinellas County School Board Level II Policy as it pertains to Volunteers on our campus.

    Pinellas County School Volunteers
    Please open and read the document below to understand the Pinellas County Schools volunteer registration & background screening procedures: